Add Real Value

For most investors, growing their portfolio value in real terms is their most important benchmark. Our aim is to add real value to your investment over the long term, targeting returns in excess of inflation, measured against the Retail Price Index (RPI).


Active Management

Markets do not move to a timetable. We continually review and actively manage your portfolio to ensure it holds the optimal mix of assets that we believe will add the best value for your investment.


Wide Diversification

We ensure that your portfolio is widely diversified across geography, sector and type of asset and it may include direct UK equities. This means that your portfolio includes the assets that we have identified as having the most potential to protect and grow your real wealth over time.


Manage Risk

We make sure that the risk taken in your portfolio is in line with your objectives and does not exceed the upper expected risk level specified. However, we are not constrained by any lower risk limits and will reduce risk in portfolios whenever we think it is prudent to do so.